BOSS us around, we like it!

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Sauciness May Cause Bossiness

We got love for...

quality, service and most of all our local community.

Pizza With Fresh Toppings

Our Community

BOSS Pizza Company was born in Bakersfield, and we hope to continue to grow here. We are located in the heart of downtown and hope to gain the love and support of those who live and work in this area. Located on the corner of 18th and Eye St, our goal is to become a true member of the downtown community. We wish to work with other businesses in the community who share our values and aim to contribute to local economic growth wherever, whenever, and however we can.

Our Food

Our goal at BOSS Pizza company is to bring out the real flavors of natural ingredients and showcase them on our pizzas, salads and desserts. We display our toppings out in the open and allow the customer to experience the custom crafting process first hand. Our signature pizzas have been carefully crafted to showcase the various toppings and bold flavors available at BOSS Pizza Company.

Our Team

Our team members have been hand selected for their specific talents. We believe in having a diverse group of all stars who will fully embrace our culture of service, quality, integrity, and success. It is only with our team members and because of our team members that we achieve the missions and goals of BOSS Pizza Company.